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Try one of our very popular group fitness classes today in our  2400 square ft. DIN Standard Compliant fitness and aerobic studio.  All fitness classes on our schedule are free with your membership here at Fit For Her (unless otherwise noted) and only $5.00 for visitors, of course first time visitors are always free!  We have some of the finest certified instructors in the Owasso/Tulsa Area. 

Click here for the current class schedule

                                              CLASS DESCRIPTION:
- TAI CHI w/Maria Sullivan. (Train those muscles for real life experience)
- FIT BARRE w/Adana (Melding of  stretching and strength training using the the ballet barre
  and other functional training tools such as hand weights, balls, gliders, and bands.)

- ZUMBA w/Lara, Candace , and Renee!
- Hi/Lo w/Lisa (Low impact aerobics with high impact strength movements)
- RIP with Adana & Lori-Beth (This is a pump class Using Barbells and Dumbells)
- KICK BOXING w/Melinda (High intensity Kick Boxing Class)
- AIT (Athletic Interval Training) w/Angela  : (Circuit Training, a combo of cardio
   and strength.)
- PIYO w/ Tammy (A unique class designed to increase strength and flexibility.
   It's about energy, power and rhythm! )                             
- TABATA w/Melinda (High Intensity Interval Training)
- PILATES w/Melinda (Core strength and Flexibility)
- STEP COMBO w/Melinda (A high Energy Step Class plus More!)
- MAX 30 w/Lori-Beth This is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
- R.I.P.P.E.D w/Nana (Resistance, Interval, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, and Diet

                     All classes are included in the regular membership price!!!            


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